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Our primary aim is to render trust services for the benefit of corporate bodies, individuals, governments, government agencies, and parastatals. We also undertake general investment activities and are able to finance and/or invest in a variety of transactions where management finds it expedient to do so.

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Annuity Loans

An annuity loan is a type of loan where an annuity holder (Annuitant) borrows money against the cash value of the annuity contract with the insurer

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A Will is a legal document by which a person distributes his or her property at death and also appoints two or more persons to manage his or her estate.

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Trust Services

As Trustees, we act in a capacity of trust on behalf of lenders and investors as the case may be, by ensuring that their interests are well represented and their

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Short-Term Financing

For business or personal considerations, corporate bodies, as well as individuals, have financing inadequacies and from time to time we have the liquidity to…

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