The New Year is around the corner, each year is always filled with its ups and downs. For some individuals, the current year has been great and they can’t wait to continue that run in the New Year, for others, the year hasn’t been so great so they will rather prefer the year to come to an end quickly and start afresh in the New Year. 

A new year isn’t always necessarily a fresh start, however, it is usually a new period to have a new perspective by re-evaluating what was done before and making appropriate plans to do better. Even though this can be done at any time of the year, for most, the New Year seems to be the most convenient time. 

Due to the nature of the season, we often make a lot of impulse decisions that usually come back to hurt us in January. Therefore, to finish the year strong and start the New Year stronger, here are 5 things you should do this December:

1. Write Down Your Goals:

It is not enough to know what you want to achieve in the New Year, you must also document it as a source of reference for whenever you need it. This will ensure you remain focused on what you need to achieve all through the year. After writing them down, break the large goals into smaller attainable goals and tasks. By doing this, you will not feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of the goal and you will find it easier to attain when they have been broken down. Also, make sure you assign a timeline to each goal you set to ensure it is properly measured, attainable and doesn’t conflict with other timelines.

2. Eat Healthily:

The Christmas period means plenty of food and we all love food 😊, well at least I know I do. However, we have to ensure that we act responsibly when eating this festive period, don’t consume too much simply because there is a lot of food available. Ensure you always cook the healthiest food options that you and others can enjoy. Don’t consume too much alcohol in the process, also remember, December is the end of the year, not life, therefore drink responsibly if you have to drink. Also, don’t drink and drive, it never ends well.

Eat Healthily

3. Forgive:

All through the year, a number of people might have offended you, while some offences might seem unforgivable, it is always better to forgive for the sake of your sanity, as there is no point carrying a grudge into the next year. Things do not necessarily have to return back to how they were before, but the least you can do is let them know you forgive them. Enter the New Year with a fresh start, without having anything at the back of your mind regarding someone’s misdeed towards you.

4. Create a budget:

January is usually the month when most people get broke, simply because we spend a lot of money in December and then get a lot of outstanding bills like rent and school fees in January. So, why not create a budget now. Let your budget include all your guaranteed inflow like Salaries and expected Expenses like rent, feeding etc. and lastly provision for savings. There are only a few things worse than getting broke at the beginning of the year, so make sure you avoid that.

Create a budget

5. Write/Update your Will::

This is easily the easiest and most essential thing everyone needs to do before the year runs out. Make sure you take time these last few weeks to account for all your assets and ensure they are all protected as you enter into the New Year. Starting the New Year confident that your family is secure and your assets are well protected might be one of the best feelings anyone can have. The great thing is you can write your Will in 15 Minutes or Less, which means you can write your will quickly and still have all the time to have as much fun as you want this festive period.


Write/Update your Will

Remember, a great start of the year is usually what sets the tempo for the remainder of the year, ensure you make all the necessary preparations to start strong and avoid panicking in the middle of the year. Also, don’t leave anything to chance, as you set goals to achieve new milestones like a new house, car etc., make sure you have a Will to protect them. To write your Will in 15 Minutes or Less, visit https://wills.leadwaycapital.com/iwill


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