How Happy Do You Want To Retire?

How Happy Do You Want To Retire?

“Oh Yes!

Meet The latest B&B

 pharmaceutical employee”

Ade wrote on his WhatsApp status after jumping with delight. He was more than proud of his new job and so were his family and friends. Days passed, several events and additions in his life, only for him to realize he has been working for so long with no actual plan in place for when he stops working; his retirement. This particular thought ushered so much unhappiness and worries to his mind.

The truth is the wheel of life spins so fast and sometimes uncontrollably. One minute you are in an interview room, the next you are sitting chiefly in front of your desk calling the shots and in a flash you have children who think the world of you. The same happens to income and expenses. While income trickles in monthly, expenses come in to drain it all. With this kind of arrangement or cycle, one begins to wonder how they can plan for the future? The ultimate questions are;

How can I maintain my present lifestyle

when I retire from work? How can I retire happily?

Retiring happily depends solely on how well you put a number of things in place. This will require that you drop all negative thoughts on retirement and think positively about it. Retirement is not what is meant to be pushed to the future or left alone to sort itself. Start by mapping out a plan as a lot of decisions, investments, resources go into retiring from work.

In the words of Dwight D. Eisenhower, “Planning is everything and in planning retirement, you have to bring the future to the present to decide how you want it to be. So it is important to plan it first.”

One of the major things to do when planning retirement is to have certain investment plans in place. It might be Annuities, Real Estate Investment Trust, any mutual fund of your choice, or a real-time physical business with yielding interest. Consider a medium risk investment as retirement planning has no space for risks that could lead to any form of loss.

Investment plans may not be that possible or convenient if you don’t have your finances in order. Get you expenses in line with what you plan. Next and most important is writing your Will. This is because since you are putting in so much work to build investments you need to secure them in a Will and ensure their continued relevance by providing beneficiaries that can step in when you are not there. This ensures that no matter what, your hardwork is not in vain and goes in the care of people you choose, trust and love.

In a nutshell, retiring happily is a fine mix of getting your finances together, investing wisely and  writing a Will to protect your hard work. Do not neglect any.

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