This period may be stressful for people, as it has everyone dealing with the fear of contracting the virus, losing their jobs or a loved one, running out of cash, and not to mention the increasing rate of insecurity. It is important to remain calm, hopeful and believe this will eventually pass.

With all these going on, it is ideal to think about your finances, your health and the future of your loved ones. Have you stopped for a moment to ask yourself, who will make decisions for you if you get the virus? We strongly hope you don’t though. However, it is only wise for you to tap into the benefits of foresight by being prepared in case of any eventuality – pandemic or not. What better way to prepare yourself than creating an Estate Plan? 


Amidst the Coronavirus scare, the best way to create an Estate Plan this period includes the following actions;

  1. Keep calm: Before you can decide to create an Estate Plan, you have to have a clear mind, get rid of the fear and panic you might have.
  2. Map out your assets: Analyze and decide how you want your assets to be distributed, and update your bank accounts if necessary.
  3. Make a plan: Decide the beneficiaries of your assets, collate all necessary documents and review them.
  4. Get a trusted online Will service company: iWILL is a trusted online Will writing service that ensures you write your Will without stress, at your own pace and convenience.

Thanks to our iWILL platform, you can now write your Will online, so you do not need to risk it by physically meeting a lawyer to write a Will, you can play it safe by writing your Will online in the comfort of your home.

Writing your Will with iWILL ensures confidentiality and satisfaction at every step of the legal process, and most importantly ensures your safety in this peculiar times. 

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