Twitter social media Estate planning

A number of Nigerians are beginning to understand the benefits of estate planning. Time and again, a story pops out where a family member tells about their ordeal especially after the passing of a loved one.

You know how you see such stories and just move on because it doesn’t directly affect you. What would happen if one day it comes close to home? If not you directly, maybe a close friend or colleague. Are you prepared for the possibility of your loved ones and/or family being denied what it is rightfully theirs? Your immediate family and relations that you think would stick up for those left behind might change tomorrow. This is not to say that there aren’t caring and genuine members of your family who can stand in the gap. It is just always preferred to have a legal plan to protect your loved ones.

The other day on Twitter, a young lady made the below statement and it caught our attention.

Twitter social media Estate planning

Tweet credit: @_AdeFunke_

It is thoughts like this that should naturally prompt you to want to set up a future plan for your loved ones. It would be disheartening for your family to be unable to carry on because you overlooked this vital aspect of life.

Estate planning is for everyone; male, female, young and old. So the notion that I’m not old enough or I don’t have much properties etc shouldn’t stop you. If you do an assessment you could find out you actually have things to leave behind. Things like money in your retirement savings account and personal bank accounts. Land that you own in the city or in your hometown, a vehicle, rights to intellectual works and the likes.

Below is one response from a Twitter user to the above statement made by the lady

Twitter social media Estate planning

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We subscribe to the belief that everyone should secure their loved ones in a foolproof way. Not only men can make secure plans for their wives, as a woman you can also pass on your assets to your family; parents, siblings, husband and/or children where applicable. This can be done through a Will or by setting up a Trust.

Another user explains the ordeal his girlfriend’s mother and siblings passed through when their dad passed. This only happened because the girlfriend’s dad did not write a Will during the course of his life. So long as there is a written Will, anyone who attempts to contest it or claim properties that was not gifted to him or her, has the law to face.

Twitter social media Estate planning

Tweet credit: @donteewrites

Some users who also contributed to the conversation had more positive stories to tell.

Twitter social media Estate planning

Tweet credit: @zha_fatriot

Twitter social media Estate planning

Tweet credit: @7footre

Although, they didn’t state if their parents’ had a Will, they acknowledged to have enjoyed good care and provision from their relatives who took them in. Another good thing about writing a Will is that you get to appoint legal guardians for your children, if they are underage. Meaning you can be rest assured that your children would live a comfortable life.

It’s troubling that even with the scenarios listed above; some still wouldn’t prepare or have it in mind to write a Will. Don’t be like them, send us a message here and we’ll guide you through the process in a very professional and timely manner.


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